How a Humidifier Works

During the winter, your comfort relies on 2 things: the temperature and the amount of humidity. Your new humidifier will provide your home with the recommended indoor relative humidity to ensure your comfort all winter long.

Humidified air helps to reduce static electricity, helps prevent wood furniture from drying out, helps prevent nasal passages from becoming too dry, and makes your home comfortable.

The Benefits of a Humidifier

  • A humidifier can help reduce dry skin and chapped lips. Dry air can aggravate upper respiratory problems, cause itchy skin and give you a dry throat.
  • A humidifier helps protect your home. Hardwood floors separate at the seams. Woodwork and furniture shrink, warp and crack.
  • A humidifier can help prevent musical instruments from becoming damaged. Desert dry indoor air literally pulls moisture out of wooden musical instruments, which causes them to shrink, crack and go out of tune.
  • A humidifier will reduce the static electricity that shocks you and the sensitive equipment you come into contact with.
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