Residents of Spokane know that when July and August roll around, the only way to find relief from the rising temperatures is in the comfort of air conditioning.

Summer is the time of year when your air conditioning unit works tirelessly to combat the heat. If you find that your air conditioner is running but is not blowing cool air, there are a number of possible options.

Air Filter

A dirty air filter is the most common reason your air conditioner won’t work or will block airflow. Check your air filter and replace it, if in doubt.


Your air conditioning unit will not work properly if your thermostat is set to the wrong commands or is defective. First, check to make sure your AC unit is set to the “on” position. If that doesn’t change anything, your next step will be troubleshooting the thermostat. Some beginning steps include changing the batteries, dusting the inside of your thermostat, adjusting the anticipator or completely rebooting the system.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils need regular maintenance to keep your AC unit working properly! Since the condenser coil is responsible for producing cold air, any problems will cause it to malfunction. We recommend you call a professional to evaluate any problems here, as a safety precaution.


Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air within your air conditioning system. A malfunctioning AC unit is a sign that your refrigerant may be low, leaking, or blocked. The only way to be sure is with a diagnosis from a professional technician.


Ductwork is responsible for delivering cool air throughout your home. If your air conditioning is not working properly, there’s a chance your ductwork was poorly designed. Poor design often leads to leaking ducts, poorly sealed registers, little to no insulation, and an overall loss in cool air being delivered to your home.

At Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning, the majority of calls we receive during the summer months are from homeowners who are frustrated with their malfunctioning AC unit. If you have checked all of the options above and your AC is still not cooling properly, contact our professional technicians! Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing the Spokane area since 1945 with quality HVAC products, professional service, and 100% satisfaction.

To set up an appointment with Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning, visit our website or call today. We are your Spokane, WA HVAC Specialist!

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