Spokane’s AC Service Specialists

Timely air conditioner repair in Spokane, WA plays a huge role in how efficient your unit is and how long it’ll last. We highly recommend that you call us immediately if you notice that your AC unit is acting differently. The longer that you wait, the worse the situation can become. In fact, many people call for air conditioning service too late. By the time that they reach out, the damage has become so extensive that it requires thousands of dollars to repair. Most experts will recommend getting a replacement at that time, which is equally as expensive but will provide your home with a new and working unit.

As your unit ages, many different components can begin to fail. For example, some of the most common parts that need repairing include the circuit breaker or fuse, the evaporator coil and the thermostat. If just one of these parts fails, the AC unit will begin to run very and efficiently or may stop working completely. If you fail to repair minor issues, they often magnify and worsen exponentially.