Call Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning for reliable air conditioning installation in Spokane, WA. Consider the type of AC unit that best fits the needs of your home and budget. Central AC systems, for example, can cool the entire home, but require ductwork installation. The ductwork can be quite expensive and time-consuming to install. On the other hand, mini-split ductless units are easier to install and do not require any ductwork, but they are not able to cool down an entire home.

If you already have an existing unit, it might still be worthwhile to look for an AC replacement. Once your AC has reached over 10 years of age, it will start to decline in efficiency and performance. Upgrading to a newer unit might save you money in the long run. On top of that, newer units tend to be more efficient and come with more features. For example, smart thermostats will automatically turn the unit on and off based on your proximity to the home. It’ll also adjust the temperature based on factors like who is in the house and the temperature outside the home.