Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning is standing by if you’re looking for humidifiers in Spokane Valley, WA for your home. When it comes to comfort, winters can be challenging for homeowners in many ways. In addition to the cold temperatures, you also have dry air to contend with. Low home humidity can lead to dried-out sinuses, throat, and nasal passages. It can cause snoring from a dry, soft palate, interfering with your sleep.

Over time, it can also cause damage to your furniture, floors, electronics, and musical instruments. A higher humidity level makes it harder for diseases like the cold and flu to spread. These are all reasons why a home humidifier is such an important investment for homeowners. Are you experiencing chapped lips or static electricity, or are you just feeling generally dry and uncomfortable? These are all signs it’s time for a quality whole-house humidifier from Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning.