Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) entails the application of several technologies to regulate the temperature, humidity, and air quality in a closed environment. Its objective is to provide adequate indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

However, winter can impact your HVAC in several ways. Below are some of the most common HVAC issues during winter.

1. Poor Airflow

Streamlined airflow is made more difficult by snow or ice accumulation, and the situation is made worse by dirty filters or a blocked exhaust vent. For the HVAC system to function properly, there must be effective airflow.

2. HVAC System Failure

During the cold season, there’s a lot of dampness. The heating system must, therefore, not only maintain a comfortable inside temperature but also push extra moisture outdoors. That increases energy use. During this time, the machine could unexpectedly shut down, making any attempts to revive it pointless.

3. Frozen Pipes

Even if you reside in somewhat warm areas, you can’t rule out the risk of freezing pipes. When ice is allowed to accumulate in the pipes, this can occur and occasionally results in bursting. Poorly functioning HVAC systems can increase your utility costs while reducing the comfort of your home.

4. Clogged Air Filter

Replace air filters regularly every one to three months. Your air filter could get dirty or clogged and disrupt appropriate airflow if you don’t replace or clean it. When there’s a blockage in the airflow, ice will inevitably form on the evaporator coil. Changing your air filter will prevent freezing your air conditioning system’s parts. It also aids in raising the caliber of your home’s indoor air (IAQ).

5. Minimum Refrigerant Levels

Ice might begin to accumulate on your air conditioning system if it has low refrigerant levels or is leaking refrigerant. Insufficient refrigerant prevents your system from operating efficiently, and the lower pressure may cause adjacent water vapor to condense on the coil’s surface. Low refrigerant levels are frequently caused by a leak somewhere in the system.

6. Defective Blower Fan

The coil may freeze up due to inadequate airflow caused by a faulty blower fan. It’s crucial to call one of our specialists if you think your blower fan isn’t functioning. If your blower fan is broken, your entire heating and cooling system may need fixing.

7. Obstructed Condensation Drain Pipe

The drip tray may start to overflow with extra water from the moisture in the air if there’s a blockage in your condensate drain line. This water could freeze if the evaporator coil’s surface is excessively cold.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on both the external unit and the furnace exhaust vent, which is situated on the exterior of your house, whenever there’s a chance for considerable snowfall. You can encounter furnace problems, including a system failure if that exhaust gets clogged and prevents your system from operating properly. Additionally, this accumulation may result in leaks and improper operation of your pipes.

During the winter season, clear away any snow accumulation, and check your gutters near the system to ensure nothing is leaking onto it. When the temperature rises, look for melting snow and ice to ensure no water accumulates close to your air conditioner or heat pump.

Be cautious of snow accumulation or drifting close to your exhaust pipes; PVC pipes are commonly found outside near the air conditioner in properties with basements. Snow-blocked exhaust pipes can be hazardous since they can lead to carbon monoxide buildup in your house.


It’s highly recommended that you regularly check and change your furnace filter. You’ll want to ensure that you support your furnace by giving it a clean air filter, especially when the temperatures dip to extremely low levels. To ensure that the heating system’s airflow is adequate, a furnace that runs more often needs to have its filters changed more frequently. It would be best to prevent clogged filters because they could lead to system failure.

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