Building a healthier life indoors includes finding safe ways to clean away dangerous substances in the air you breathe. Normal home environments are responsible for many indoor health risks. Even the most well-kept home can have contaminants and allergens floating in the air. The American Lung Association says fuel-burning appliances, furnishings, mold, and mildew can all make indoor air unhealthy. Carrier’s Infinity Air Purifier is a high-quality filtration device designed to eliminate indoor air pollution for you.

About Carrier’s Infinity Air Purifier

The Infinity Air Purifier attaches directly to your home’s heating and cooling system. It’s designed to filter out dangerous pollutants so they don’t recycle through your indoor air. This product qualifies as having zero ozone emissions. Carrier considers the Infinity your best defense against airborne pollution. The Infinity Air Purifier provides whole-home coverage when properly sized by a factory-authorized installer. Your initial installation estimate will include the size and model your floor plan requires.

Eliminates Viruses and Bacteria

Carrier’s patented Captures and Kills Technology can trap 95% of airborne particles in the 1.0 to 3.0 micron range. It does this by catching these particles in a pleated filter as they flow through your home’s temperature system. Particles are then subjected to an intense electric current which inactivates them as they remain trapped in the filter. This capture, charge, and kill process eliminates 99% of the viruses and bacteria floating through your heating and cooling system. Replacing the air purifier’s filter on a regular basis is the final step in the elimination process.

This air purifier is the ideal choice when you want to slow infectious disease from spreading indoors. Carrier has proven the Infinity Air Purifier eliminates germs that cause common colds, strep throat, murine coronavirus, and human influenza. A University of Colorado laboratory specializing in disinfection science has tested and verified this device’s ability to remove these germs.

Cleans and Freshens the Air

Pet and food odors can give the impression your home isn’t clean. The Infinity Air Purifier successfully removes pet dander, stale odors, pollen, mold, and dust mites. This supports family members with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Tobacco smoke as well as smoke from fireplaces and other fuel-based appliances can introduce dangerous substances into the air. The Infinity Air Purifier works to put a stop to the constant recycling of smelly, dirty, and contaminated indoor atmosphere.

If you want a complete indoor air quality test for your home, our experienced technicians are ready to assist you. Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning offers residential testing services in Spokane and surrounding communities.

Savings on Filtration

The Infinity system uses a MERV 15 air filter to trap pathogens and keep them out of your home. MERV 15 is one of the highest ratings available, and these filters offer a highly efficient filtration process. The time span between filter changes will depend on the number of pets and air quality issues you have in your home. Typically, this filter can last from three to six months before it needs replacement. In many households, filter changes can occur twice a year. Talk to your installer to learn more about filter recommendations for your home.

Less Maintenance, Easy to Operate

This air purifier automatically works 24/7 to protect you and your family without any input from you. The only maintenance your Infinity Air Purifier requires is an air filter replacement two to three times per year. Seasonal tune-up services on your heating and cooling system can address this task for you. Just ask for air purifier filter replacement when you schedule your maintenance appointment.

10-Year Warranty Available

Carrier builds their products to last and endure continual use. Purchasing and installing an Infinity Air Purifier includes a 10-year limited warranty. This covers parts for a decade as long as the product is fully registered within 90 days of installation. Carrier’s limited warranty benefits the original owner and is not transferable.

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